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Algorithms Decide: Digital Technology that Puts Critical Thinking on the Chopping Block | I am Hacked. Episode 8


An average internet user spends 400 minutes a day online, which is a third of our waking hours. Digital life has become a vital part of modern existence. Tech platforms and social media employ algorithms to make our online experiences as satisfying, seamless, and tailor-made as possible. On the one hand, it allows us to access relevant information faster and enables advertisers to target groups and individuals. On the other hand, we have been discreetly confined to our personalised digital bubbles created for us by the same algorithms. By feeding us certain content, they shape our reality. In Episode 8 of I Am Hacked, experts discuss possible scenarios for the digital world 30-50 years from now.

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Available in Russian, with English subtitles,
in Spanish and Arabic languages