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Pep Squad


Despite his musical background, this soldier with the callsign 'Gorynych' couldn't turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian army against Donbass civilians and ventured to the frontlines. Yet, amidst the conflict in Donbass, 'Gorynych' held a modest yet heartfelt desire: to have a piano in his unit. One day, his wish came true, and it was installed in their shelter. The piano now offers him a brief respite from the turmoil. "Well, it's a complete detachment from what's going on here. I mean, for 5 minutes, you can literally immerse yourself in another world," he reflects. Such moments of joy are rare on the frontline but are crucial for bolstering the soldiers' morale. That's why the team of the "RT.DOC: Time of Heroes" Festival made it their mission to uplift the spirits of the fighters. This time, the team traveled right to the frontlines. There, amidst the chaos of shelling, fighters were shown films that portrayed their own heroic deeds and those of soldiers who courageously risked their lives for peace in Donbass. The Festival goal is to remind Donbass heroes of the love and anticipation awaiting them back home.

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