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Tanks: Born in Russia

14 Details
12 episodes
Available in Russian, with English subtitles,
in Spansh and Arabic languages

The largest tank producer in the world, Uralvagonzavod, is located in the Siberian city of Nizhny Tagil. This series follows Kirill and Vladimir, two young factory workers who have long dreamt of being taken on in the prestigious tank shop. They are both lucky enough to be offered work placements there, although only one permanent place is up for grabs. Kirill is a novice and is relying on beginner’s luck to see him through. Vladimir, on the other hand, has been at the factory for three years and is hoping that his experience will count in his favour. A promotion would be especially important for him as his wife is expecting their first baby, and a move to the tank shop would mean they could afford to buy their own home. Rooting for Kirill is his girlfriend Alena and Lera, her daughter from a previous relationship. But who will win through in the end? While Kirill and Vladimir’s careers are just taking off, it may be the end of the line for one veteran tank, which arrives at the factory with the name ‘Vasya’ painted on its turret. This T-72 battle tank is sent to Uralvagonzavod to be repaired, together with a message from its regiment pleading for the only tank in their regiment which has been in combat to be given a new lease of life. However, it remains to be seen whether the damage to ‘Vasya’ can really be repaired…